Security of Supply

The Department of Defense (DoD) has entered into arrangements with several nations to ensure the mutual supply of defense goods and services. Bilateral Security of Supply Arrangements (SOSA) allow the DoD to request priority delivery for DoD contracts, subcontracts, or orders from companies in these countries. SOSA also allow the signatory nations to request priority delivery for their contracts and orders with U.S. firms.

Security of Supply Arrangements (or SOSA) are conducted under overarching Declarations of Principles for Enhanced Cooperation in Matters of Defense Equipment and Industry that have been signed with select nations. Security of Supply Arrangements (or SOSA) implement the “Meeting National Defense Requirements” section of these documents, which recognizes the potential for a certain degree of mutual interdependence of supplies needed for national security, and calls for the parties to explore solutions for achieving assurance of supply.

Reciprocal industrial priority systems encourage partner nations to acquire defense goods from each other, promote interoperability, and provide assurance of timely delivery during peacetime, emergency, and armed conflict.

The DoD uses the Defense Priorities and Allocations System (DPAS) to provide priority support.

Partner nations who are signatories to Security of Supply Arrangements have instituted, or are in the process of instituting, government-industry codes of conduct whereby firms agree to make every reasonable effort to provide priority support. Participation in these codes of conduct is voluntary. Participating firms may offer their participation in a code of conduct as an indication of their reliability in providing defense goods and services to the Department of Defense and its contractors.

The Security of Supply Arrangements, codes of conduct, and listings of the participating foreign firms are included below.

(Although the DoD does not have a Security of Supply Arrangement with Canada, Canada is included below because the U.S. Department of Commerce has a Memorandum of Understanding with the Canadian Public Works and Government Services Canada to mutually provide priorities support. DoD program managers, contractors, and subcontractors can request priority assistance for U.S. defense purchases in Canada through the Department of Defense.)

DoD program managers, contractors, and subcontractors acquiring materials and services from participating firms may request priority delivery for their contract, subcontract, or order when necessary to meet U.S. defense requirements.

In addition, program managers, contractors, and subcontractors may request assistance when acquiring an item from a firm which is located in a participating country but is not itself participating in that country’s code of conduct. In such cases, the DoD will request the foreign Ministry of Defense request the company join its code of conduct, or otherwise provide priority support for the U.S. defense order.

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