The Industrial Policy office hosts a number of resources for the Department, from reports outlining the importance of manufacturing and the industrial base to national security, to funding opportunities for businesses.

Congressional Interests and Reports

The Deputy Assistant Secretary for Industrial Policy supports Congress’ interest in the health and viability of the defense industrial base (DIB) as it relates to national security objectives. Industrial Policy provides reports, conducts meetings, and shares assessments with Congress in an effort to inform legislation and policy related to the DIB.

Since 1994, Industrial Policy’s Annual Report to Congress (required by Title 10, U.S.C., section 2504) summarizes the Department’s industrial capabilities-related guidance, assessments, and mitigation actions. Industrial Policy also provides one-time reports to Congress on specific issues and conducts in-person interfaces such as staff briefings and testimonies, as requested.

Please click on the title of each report to download a PDF copy:

Please note: Each report summarizes DoD industrial capabilities-related guidance, assessments, and actions initiated during the prior year and as they existed at the close of that year. It is important to note the status of some of the programs described in each report has changed in the intervening time.

Business Opportunities

The Deputy Assistant Secretary for Industrial Policy manages a number of authorities and funding streams that provide unique opportunities for engagement with the Department. To learn more about these initiatives, please visit the appropriate program page: