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Manufacturing Resiliency & Assurance (MRA)

“The Next Generation of the Arsenal of Democracy”

Mission: Strengthen the force posture of the U.S. Defense Manufacturing and Industrial Base in support of the Warfighter today and tomorrow.

Vision: A modern Industrial Base that integrates traditional and emerging sectors to be able to respond at will to National Security Requirements.


  • Ready the Modern DIB - Advance and sustain traditional defense manufacturing sectors
    • Preserving Critical Skills for technological superiority
    • Support and Expand Reliable Sources - Industrial Base Supply, Expansion & Competition
    • Sustain Unique Capabilities – Lifelines and Safe Harbors for critical, unique capabilities with fragile business cases
  • Prepare for the Future
    • Identify and cultivate next generation & emerging defense manufacturing & technology sectors
  • Assess and shape the risk within the Global Defense Industrial Base and mitigate supply chain vulnerabilities
  • Build and Strengthen Partnerships in the Global Integrated DIB
    • Leverage global manufacturing & innovation to promote and strengthen both the US Defense Industrial Base and relationships with Allied partners

A. Adele Ratcliff, Program Director