Policy & Engagement

Primary Lines of Effort

The GIES Policy & Engagement (P&E) team develops DoD’s economic security framework, economic war games, and tabletop exercises to assess the health and resilience of our supply chain, leads international, interagency, and non-traditional partner outreach, and crafts economic security policy to strengthen U.S. national and economic interests from threats posed by adversarial capital incursions within the Defense Industrial Base (DIB).

Economic Security Policy

Identifies and coordinates industrial base policies and strategies for U.S. national and economic security interests. Develops policy tools to achieve and maintain U.S. industrial and economic resiliency, capacity, capability, and prosperity.

International Engagements

Engages with allies and partners through exchanges, workshops, and table-top exercises. Facilitates information sharing, trend analysis, and risk alignment.

Industry and Innovation Base

Provides a nuanced understanding of the risks and realities of adversarial capital to industrial base and institution partners. Hosts outreach events, presentations, and working groups to identify areas of collaboration and cooperation.

Congressional Reporting

Develops and coordinates Congressionally mandated reports and responses that address foreign investments, economic security, and defense industrial base issues.