Investments & Economic Analysis

Primary Lines of Effort

The GIES Investments & Economic Analysis (IEA) team provides data-driven assessments, research, and investment trend analysis of the defense industrial marketplace through economic surveillance. In addition, IEA services the Non-Notified aspects of CFIUS; ensuring economic transactions within the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) comply with CFIUS policy and protocols to ensure resiliency of the DIB.


Identifies proposed and consummated foreign investment in U.S. businesses that did not voluntarily notify CFIUS.

Develops and acts on notifications of potential transactions of concern from DoD, interagency non-notified forum, and Industry.


Assesses transactions for potential national security considerations.

Engages with DoD stakeholders on potential transactions of concern.

Participates and coordinates transaction of concern with non-notified interagency forum.


Refers transactions to CFIUS that may present national security concerns and have not been filed with CFIUS.