Global Investment and Economic Security (GIES)

Committee on Foreign Investment in United States (CFIUS)

Primary Lines of Effort

The CFIUS Team evaluates risks posed by foreign investments, makes recommendations as to its disposition, mitigates risks through agreements with the transaction parties, and oversees implementation and compliance of mitigation agreements by the transaction parties.


DoD Instruction 2000.25

Executive Order 14083

CFIUS Laws and Regulations

Risk Assessment and Review

GIES works with DoD stakeholders to assess transactions to adopt DoD’s risk-based positions on its impact to national security and to make recommendations to CFIUS as to its disposition.

Risk Mitigation

GIES collaborates with other CFIUS members to develop or enter into agreements with the parties to mitigate the risk of a covered transaction.

Monitoring and Compliance

GIES works with the Transaction Parties and other CFIUS Monitoring Agencies (CMAs) to implement the terms of the mitigation agreement, to monitors the Transaction Parties’ compliance, and to address any issues arising from its implementation. In cases of non-compliance or breach of the agreement, GIES works with other CMAs to oversee remediation and, if appropriate, enforcement and penalties.

Non-Notified Transactions

GIES also reviews and proposes completed transactions where no voluntary notice has been filed or safe harbor has been granted to determine whether the transaction is a covered transaction and raise national security concerns to warrant CFIUS action.