Industrial Base Policy
Securing America’s Defense-Critical Supply Chains

An action plan developed in response to President Biden’s Executive Order 14017

The Department of Defense completed a one-year assessment of supply chains in the defense industrial base (DIB), in response to President Biden’s February 2021 Executive Order (E.O.) 14017.

To defend the Nation and deter America’s adversaries, the DoD works to ensure that our armed forces have reliable access to every advantage, to include the manufacture and delivery of defense platforms and weapons systems. Meeting that mission requires a healthy DIB built on resilient, diverse, and secure supply chains.

This one-year report provides a strategic assessment of five critical supply chain areas:

  • Kinetic capabilities
  • Energy storage and batteries
  • Castings and forgings
  • Microelectronics
  • Strategic and critical materials

The report also identifies four strategic enablers which underpin the four key focus areas:

  • Workforce
  • Cyber Posture
  • Manufacturing
  • Small Business

The report provides sector-specific recommendations to work internally and with interagency, international, and industry partners and allies on supply chain resilience. It will provide the DoD with a strategic roadmap to renew the DIB and maintain its position as the world leader in innovation well into the 21st Century.

To strengthen America's supply chains, E.O. 14017 directed Cabinet agencies to complete one-year assessments of critical supply chains. Those reports, including DoD's assessment of the defense industrial base, were released February 24, 2022. The E.O. had also previously directed four 100-day reviews of key supply chains. DoD led the 100-day review of Critical Minerals and Materials and supported the other three reviews, which were published on June 8, 2021.