Resources in Response to the Novel Coronavirus

In response to COVID-19, the Department of Defense is prioritizing the protection of our forces—including service members and their dependents, civilians, and contractors—maintaining mission readiness, and supporting the whole-of-government effort to fight this virus. The Department’s latest updates on COVID-19 are available here.

The Office of Industrial Base Policy continues to partner with the defense industrial base to mitigate impacts from COVID-19. This page contains resources for companies and other stakeholders as they navigate the complexities associated with the virus.

Defense Assisted Acquisition Cell (DA2)

The Defense Assisted Acquisition Cell has assumed the interagency efforts for COVID-19 medical resource acquisition previously coordinated by the Department of Defense's Joint Acquisition Task Force (JATF). Nested within the Joint Rapid Acquisition Cell (JRAC), the DA2 is poised to rapidly respond to the nation’s most urgent acquisition needs in current and future national emergencies.

Vaccine Guidance

The Defense Department continually provides information and resources on a variety of coronavirus-related subjects for members of the DOD community and the general public.

CORONAVIRUS: Latest DOD Guidance

Defense Contracting Resources and Guidance

Contracting information related to COVID-19 issues is available on the Defense Pricing and Contracting (DPC) website. The Defense Pricing and Contracting website includes guidance memos for progress payments, public health considerations, and other industrial base considerations.

Small Business Resources for Impacts from COVID-19

For information, please visit the Office of Small Business Programs COVID-19 Resources page.

More Information on Doing Business with the Department of Defense

The Office of Industrial Base Policy is committed to making it easier for businesses to understand the various avenues available to work with the Department of Defense. In the Defense Acquisition Toolkit, you will find a visual representation of the key touchpoints for any business that might wish to create or expand their relationship with the Department of Defense.

Resources for Donating or Selling Supplies

FEMA’s How to Help page includes a series of email addresses for companies that are willing to sell or donate medical supplies, produce products related to the COVID-19 response, and have non-medical supplies, services or equipment.

More Resources from the Whole-of-Government Response to COVID-19

White House Coronavirus (COVID-19) Task Force

  • The COVID-19 Task Force portal for public information, working in conjunction with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Department of Health and Human Services, and other agency stakeholders. This portal will link to the appropriate Federal agency website as the authoritative source for that information as necessary.

Centers for Disease Control and Protection (CDC)

  • The Centers for Disease Control and Protection Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) landing page is the latest public health and safety information from Centers for Disease Control and Protection and for the overarching medical and health provider community on COVID-19. The site contains consumer and medical information on how the virus spreads, symptoms, prevention and treatment, stigma, cases and what to do if you are sick, along with frequently asked questions.

Federal Emergency Management Agency

  • The Federal Emergency Management Agency “How to Help” page provides information on ways individuals and businesses can support COVID-19 response efforts.

U.S. Government

  • The page catalogs all United States government activities related to Coronavirus (COVID-19). can support both English and Spanish content.