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Industrial Base Analysis and Sustainment (IBAS)

Who We Are

The Industrial Base Analysis and Sustainment (IBAS) program is dedicated to ensuring that the Department of Defense is positioned to effectively address industrial base issues and support the National Security Innovation Base. IBAS leverages several contracting authorities and has invested more than $300 million directly into the industrial base over Fiscal Years (FY) 2019, 2020, and 2021. Since FY19, through its National Imperative for Industrial Skills initiative, the IBAS program has partnered with industry and academia and invested over $80 million in industrial workforce development and training projects to help improve or scale workforce pipelines supporting a variety of defense weapon system development, production, and sustainment needs, with a focus on skills such as welding, advanced machining, electronics, precision optics, metrology, digital/additive manufacturing and other emerging Industry 4.0 skills.

IBAS provides the Department of Defense with a unique capability to achieve the strategic goal of a strong, resilient, responsive, and healthy United States industrial base that improves the Department’s force readiness posture. By investing in the areas mentioned above and building partnerships with industry and the Interagency, the IBAS program strives to keep the U.S. industrial base at the front of strategic competitiveness by fielding new technologies and systems with the right sized and trained workforce.

The IBAS program, directed in Title 10 USC Section 2508, is one of the key analysis and investment tools of the Industrial Policy office. If you’re interested in learning more or exploring opportunities to work with us, Contact Us Here.

Full Overview

Investment Areas FY20 / FY21 Awards
Workforce Development and Training (Industrial Skills, Advanced Manufacturing, Submarine Shipbuilding, Manufacturing Engineering) $80 Million
Precision Optics Manufacturing $10 Million
Machine Tooling and Advanced Manufacturing $29 Million
Radar Affordability / Frequency Selective Limiters $11 Million
Directed Energy Supply Chain $1.5 Million
Defense Electronics Consortium / Lead-Free Electronics $14 Million
Rare Earth Elements $5 Million
Tungsten Defense Products $15 Million
Automated Textile Manufacturing $17 Million
Shape Memory Alloys ~$5 Million*
High Performance Weldable Armor / Weldable Ultra Hard Armor ~$15 Million*
Pilot Mask Technology ~$10 Million*
Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode ~$5 Million*
Advanced Nanomaterials Manufacturing ~$10 Million*
Munitions Supply Chain Expansion ~$2 Million*
Freeze Dried Plasma ~$10 Million*

* Contract actions are pending


A. Adele Ratcliff

Director, Industrial Base Analysis & Sustainment

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