Research and Analytics
Industrial Sector Research and Analytics

Our Mission

Analyze the health of the Defense Industrial Base, support its critical supply chains, and create mitigation strategies to address weaknesses.

Who We Are

Industrial Sector Research and Analytics (ISR&A) delivers defense industrial base assessments and risk-based analysis to decision makers to support robust, secure, innovative, affordable and technologically superior capabilities for today and for the future.

Primary Lines of Effort

  • Analyze the Defense Industrial Base (DIB)
  • Develop strategies for mitigating risks
  • Manage the Defense Production Act (DPA) Title I
Danielle Miller

Acting Director, Research and Analytics

Gianna Figueiredo-Maddox

Director, Defense Production Act Title I

Our Focus

Critical Sector Analysis

Industrial Sector Research and Analytics monitors critical sectors in the defense industrial base that are vital to National Defense

Electronics, Rare Earth Elements, Strategic Materials, Critical Chemicals, Aircraft, Space Missiles, Munitions, and Space Launch Propulsion, Batteries and Energy Storage

Department of Defense and Interagency Coordination

Assessments chairs and participates in working groups focused on key defense industrial base challenges:

  • Hypersonics War Room
  • Joint Industrial Base Working Group
  • Critical Energetic Materials Working Group
  • Space Industrial Base Working Group
  • Defense Microelectronics Cross Functional Team

Defense Production Act Title I / Defense Priorities & Allocations System (DPAS)

The Department of Defense implements the Defense Production Act Title I through the Defense Priorities & Allocations System (DPAS). DPAS prioritizes defense orders in support of programs of the highest national urgency that have demonstrated a need within the Industrial Base, ensuring programs experiencing disruption receive the appropriate prioritization to meet their program objectives in day-to-day operations and national emergencies.

Security of Supply Arrangements

The Department of Defense has entered into arrangements with several nations to ensure the mutual supply of defense goods and services. Bilateral Security of Supply Arrangements (SOSA) allow the DoD to request priority delivery for DoD contracts, subcontracts, or orders from companies in these countries. SOSA also allow the signatory nations to request priority delivery for their contracts and orders with U.S. firms.