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Trusted Capital Overview



The National Defense Authorization Act mandates that the DoD support the defense industrial base (DIB)—especially small and medium-sized manufacturers—and adopt processes to limit adversaries’ access to American technology. Trusted Capital’s forward-leaning approach provides companies critical to the DoD access to rapid funding. The receipt of funding from capital providers at key development stages prevents these companies from susceptibility to strategic funding from adversaries. The marketplace encourages trusted capital providers to invest in key DoD focus areas at key growth inflection points.

The Department of Defense Industrial Policy (IndPol) Trusted Capital program is an investment ecosystem that fosters deal flow in the interest of national security. Trusted Capital brings corporate suppliers that are critical to the defense industrial base together with trusted capital providers.  The program hosts Venture Days at defense industry technology showcase events in collaboration with partners in the military services and academia.


A global marketplace will expand the Trusted Capital program to allow non-U.S. participants and provide new businesses and investors access to a wider pool of resources in support of the DoD’s priorities.  Cooperation among the U.S. defense industries and our international allies and partners provides opportunities to draw on each other’s strengths to stimulate even greater innovation.  Trusted Capital global participants will be required to meet a set of criteria to ensure trust.



Venture Days provide a platform for trusted capital providers to come together with businesses offering solutions that are critical to the DIB. Trusted Capital collaborates with the military services and academia to host Venture Days focused on a range of critical technologies, including unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), artificial intelligence solutions, 5G, and semiconductors. In partnership with USSOCOM, Trusted Capital is launching a scalable platform for rapid partnering in an online ecosystem of trusted capital providers and companies.  

A group of Marines lift a UAV on the deck of a ship.