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OSD Manufacturing Technology Program


The OSD Manufacturing Technology (ManTech) program focuses on cross-cutting defense manufacturing needs – those that are beyond the ability of a single service to address – and stimulates the early development of manufacturing processes and enterprise business practices concurrent with S&T development to achieve the largest cost-effective impact and facilitate the developments enabling capabilities to our warfighters.


  • Develop enabling technologies for advanced capabilities that ensure warfighter technical dominance
  • Address cross-cutting, defense-critical manufacturing needs beyond the ability of a single service or agency to address
  • Reduce cost to acquire and maintain critical technologies
  • Enhances manufacturability/producibility of Defense-essential/defense-unique processes or components
Quality OSD ManTech Projects:
  • Have sound technical approach.
  • Fit OSD ManTech scope by:
    • significantly enhancing manufacturability/producibility,
    • being beyond the risk of industry or a single program office, and
    • being defense essential or defense unique.
  • Have joint service warfighter impact:
    • with multi-service, multi-system applications, and
    • being significant to warfighting capability/solving a warfighting problem.
  • Have quantifiable impact:
    • With capability, cost, cycle time, process yield improvement, faster time to implementation, number of systems impacted, positive ROI, or other quantifiable merits;
  • Provide key metrics for measuring manufacturing and project success identified;
  • Advance Manufacturing Readiness level from MRL3 to MRL7;
  • Have clear transition/implementation path to warfighter or to the next funding agent.

The OSD ManTech program operates on a two-year cycle.  The FY20 project call is linked here.  Focused Investment Areas for the FY20 project call are

  • Fuze Manufacturing Technology 
  • RF Sensors Thermal Management
  • Directed Energy
  • Transparent Ceramic Material 
  • Advanced Energetic Materials and Systems Manufacturing Technology
Whitepaper submissions to the FY 20 Call for Proposals are welcome until 23 April 2018 and should follow the template found here and provide a quad-chart summary.  Submissions can be emailed to the DMS&T ManTech mailbox at osd.mc-alex.ousd-atl.mbx.osd-mantech@mail.mil.