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NEWS | March 11, 2019

Defense Production Act Title III Presidential Determinations for Critical Chemicals for DoD Missiles and Munitions

On January 16, 2019, the President signed four Presidential Determinations (PDs) for critical chemicals that support DoD missiles and munitions—a sector deemed essential to national defense and highlighted in the Executive Order 13806 report.  

The PDs allow the Department the authority to create, maintain, protect, expand, or restore domestic industrial base capabilities for critical chemicals under the Defense Production Act (DPA) Title III.  Each PD addresses a different industrial base shortfall, all of which are required to support and manufacture DoD missiles and munitions: (1) precursors, (2) inert materials, (3) energetic materials, and (4) advanced manufacturing techniques for the production of chemicals. 

In anticipation of the PDs, the DPA Title III Executive Agent Program Office issued a request for information (RFI) (Solicitation Number: FA8650-19-S-5012) on December 21, 2018 to conduct further market research and give industry an opportunity to provide input on how it can address these identified shortfalls.  

The Department is working with key stakeholders to address these industrial base shortfalls as quickly as possible. More information about the DPA Title III program is available here, and links to each of the PDs for critical chemicals are provided as follows:

(1) Precursors Production for DoD Munitions Presidential Determination 

(2) Inert Materials Production for DoD Munitions Presidential Determination 

(3) Energetic Materials Production for DoD Munitions Presidential Determination 

(4) Advanced Manufacturing Techniques Production of Chemicals for DoD Munitions Presidential Determination