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NEWS | April 13, 2018

DoD launches Cornerstone Other Transaction Agreement (OTA)

The Cornerstone OTA is designed as a “consortium of consortiums” mechanism across both defense-specific and crosscutting industrial sectors to allow the Government to optimize its acquisition approach for effective and efficient public-private partnerships based on the 10 Title 2508 Industrial Base Analysis Sustainment (IBAS) Program. Those authorities are to assess the industrial base; sustain and expand the industrial base; address urgent operational needs; and address supply chain vulnerabilities.  Cornerstone will help to ensure the industrial base is a healthy and resilient foundation, or cornerstone, of the National Security Innovation Base.

The Cornerstone OTA was launched to meet the needs addressed in the National Defense Strategy 2018 (NDS 2018).  The NDS 2018 defined a Defense Objective of "Establishing an unmatched twenty-first century National Security Innovation Base that effectively supports Department operations and sustains security and solvency." That innovation base is foundationally based on the strength, resiliency and health of the larger industrial base.  As the prior years have demonstrated, underfunding the industrial base has had a significant corrosive effect across the entire Department and across key sectors and weapon systems.  In order for the Department to mitigate this effect, and ensure readiness, resiliency, and therefore a healthy National Security Innovation Base, the Department relies on the IBAS Program and our ability to more effectively partner with industry.

Cornerstone will create a flexible mechanism for a public-private collaboration across a range of specific industrial base sectors and requirements in order to strengthen the US industrial base and improve US competitiveness. The OTA will provide the means to bring together industry (to include private funding) and government stakeholders through a structured engagement forum.

The OTA will be established with multiple stakeholders against specific sectors and/or requirements with the Government right to add or remove members as required. It is expected that each sector and/or requirement will have multiple members that can range from national industry associations and consortiums to US non-profit to private businesses (small to large companies) and academic institutions in order to meet the requirements of the initiative. For more information, or to become a member, visit the Cornerstone OTA website, or contact us.


Cornerstone is launched in support of the execution of Title 10 2508, Industrial Base Analysis and Sustainment, OSD(MIBP) in partnership with Rock Island Army Contract Command and Edgewood Chemical Biological Center Rock Island.