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NEWS | Feb. 23, 2018

Presidential Determination authorizes DPA Title III for Thin Wall Casting and Trusted Advanced Photomask Production

By signing these Presidential Determinations, the government will leverage the DPA Title III program to ensure the industrial base for thin wall castings and trusted advanced photomask production.

Thin Wall Casting Production:
Military rotorcraft such as helicopters and tiltrotors require numerous sand-cast components for structural and drivetrain components. These specialized thin wall casting processes are essential to manufacturing cutting-edge components for next-generation rotorcraft platforms. This DPA Title III effort will work to ensure that the productive capacity for this important manufacturing process remains a robust part of the defense industrial base. Altogether these sand castings are critical to the support of DoD rotorcraft fleet, especially as it relates to maintenance, replacement parts, retrofits, and technological upgrades.  

Trusted Advanced Photomask Production:
Trusted advanced photomasks are integrated circuits used in all microelectronics systems within United States commercial and military infrastructure. The failure to ensure trusted processes for the production of advanced photomasks and ultimately integrated circuits can lead to a variety of threats, including but not limited to the exploitation of system vulnerabilities, compromise of critical information, loss of control or access, insertion of malicious code, counterfeiting, and reverse-engineering. This DPA Title III effort will ensure a domestic source for this critical element to the nation’s technological security and competitive edge. 

To learn more about DPA Title III, please visit the DPA Title III webpage

Please see the official White House memorandum for more information:

Thin wall castings

Trusted advanced photomasks