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NEWS | March 3, 2016

MIBP Supports Advances in Lightweight Ammo Production

The Defense Production Act (DPA) Program’s lightweight ammunition project – executed by the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Manufacturing and Industrial Base Policy (MIBP) – was highlighted in December by the Mississippi Business Journal. Since 2008, one of DPA’s visions has been to establish a viable domestic production capability for lightweight polymer cartridge casings for ammunition. Partnering with MAC LLC, DPA has brought this vision into reality.

MAC, LLC opened in 2007, its founders leveraging their long history and understanding of polymer manufacturing to innovate new solutions for ammunition. Through support from MIBP DPA and the U.S. Marine Corps, MAC LLC is now testing ammo that is approximately 25% lighter than conventional bass ammo. The Marines and U.S. Special Ops groups are currently subjecting the ammo to qualification testing – if successful, MAC may be providing the Department with an innovative solution for ammunition.

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