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what we do

Industrial Policy (IndPol) delivers industrial base assessments and risk-based analysis to decision makers to support robust, secure, innovative, affordable, and technologically superior defense industrial capabilities for today and for the future.  The assessment team provides a holistic analysis of industrial base risks and opportunities, in support of a robust and secure industrial base for the Warfighter.

The IndPol assessments team has the following capabilities:

  • Identify, assess, report, and monitor industrial base risks and opportunities
  • Create and implement risk mitigation plans
  • Manage Title I DPAS/Security of Supply program
  • Lead fragility and criticality (FaC) assessments  
  • Provide technical expertise and analytic support for mergers and acquisitions transactions and foreign investments in the United States
  • Facilitate Congressional interactions
  • Lead special projects to determine the impact of DoD and/or U.S. government decisions on the defense supply chain
  • Analyze DoD’s budget and programs execution strategy to determine impact on the supply chain and recommend actions to sustain the industrial base 
  • Produce the Annual Industrial Capabilities Report to Congress and other congressional reports as requested 

focus areas

IndPol is responsible for assessing and addressing the health and resiliency of the defense industrial base.  The assessment team uses Title 10 U.S.C., sections 2501, 2503, 2505, and 2506 to support industrial base assessments and risk mitigation. The team also uses Title 50 U.S.C., DPA Title I,  Defense Priorities and Allocations System (DPAS) to support production requirements based on Warfighters’ needs and priorities.

SPOTLIGHT: Fragility and Criticality (FaC) Methodology 


The FaC methodology is a standardized approach to industrial base analysis that assesses the health of the defense industrial base through an iterative, repeatable, collaborative, and fact-based process.  The FaC methodology identifies critical capabilities and fragility of the supply chain providing those capabilities.



  • Proactive identification of industrial base risks 
  • Define plans and strategies for mitigating identified industrial base risks 
  • Support long-term planning and investment decisions by and across the
    Services and U.S. Government to sustain or improve critical capabilities 
  • Ensure industry can meet the requirements for successful DoD weapons
    system programs outcomes


Capability: Technology, part, component, product

Fragility: Characteristics that make a specific capability likely to be disrupted (Will the Department receive what it needs, when it needs it?)

Criticality: Characteristics that make a specific capability difficult to replace if disrupted



Fragility Factors
DoD Sales
Financial Outlook
Firms in Sector
Foreign Dependency
Criticality Factors
Availability of Alternatives
Defense Design Requirements
Defense Uniqueness
Facility/Equipment Requirements
Reconstitution Time
Skilled Labor








All Industrial Capabilities Reports to Congress can be found here.



Dr. Christine Michienzi