Industrial Base Analysis and Sustainment Opportunities


Industrial Base Analysis and Sustainment Program

Industrial base Analysis and Sustainment PROGRAM

The IBAS program directs investment by identifying strategy/focus areas, obtaining resources, and overseeing execution of projects, aiming to address industrial base and manufacturing issues and strengthen the defense industrial base. All projects are evaluated for industrial base risk using a framework of risk assessment methodologies and tools, such as fragility and criticality risk criteria, to develop feasible and effective course of actions. Key areas of IBAS investment include:
  • Advancing and sustaining both traditional and emerging defense manufacturing sectors 
  • Preserving critical and unique manufacturing and design skills 
  • Supporting and expanding reliable sources
  • Identifying and mitigating supply chain vulnerabilities, including cyber, manufacturing, and trade skills vulnerabilities



Cornerstone Other Transaction authority is a government-run, integrated contract vehicle used to create dynamic relationships across the defense industrial base using the Industrial Base Analysis and Sustainment authorities. The Cornerstone Other Transaction Action authority originates from 10 U.S. Code 2371b - Authority of the Department of Defense to carry out prototype projects. Cornerstone will focus on “prototype” projects, capabilities, and capacities in support of a range of defense industrial base requirements.
  • No cost to join
  • No definitive expiration date
  • Flexible mechanism for public-private collaboration
  • No overall funding ceiling and local signature level authority <$100M
  • Awarded tasks are tailor negotiated
  • Single common Consortium Management Agreement for all members (Common Intellectual Property, Data Sharing and Management Agreement)
For more information and to see the 18 topical sectors covered by the Other Transaction Authority, visit here.