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Defense Production Act (DPA) Title III 

The Defense Production Act Title III program provides the President broad authority to ensure the timely availability of essential domestic industrial resources to support national defense and homeland security requirements, by authorizing economic incentives to create, expand, and modernize production capacity. DPA Title III is an authority, not a source of funds; initiatives are provided by Joint or Service Program Offices of Record, Defense Agencies, or other federal agencies as funding offsets for specific Title III efforts.

  • Projects are required by law to meet the following criteria:
    • The industrial resource or technology item must be essential for national defense
    • Industry cannot or will not provide needed capacity in a reasonable time without DPA Title III assistance
    • DPA Title III incentives must be the most cost-effective, expedient, and practical alternative for meeting the need

The DPA Title III program released a Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) on February 23, 2018, allowing potential offerors to identify future projects essential for national defense. All interested parties are encouraged to visit www.fbo.gov and enter Solicitation Number W15QKN-18-R-01HZ for the latest version of the BAA.


  • The President determines industrial base shortfalls, ultimately signing a Presidential Determination. Congress is subsequently notified of the planned expenditures.
  • DPA Title III appropriations are no-year procurement funds and are valid until expended.
  • Enacted in 1950 in response to the manufacturing challenges resulting from the Korean War, the Defense Production Act continues to support the Warfighter and is periodically reauthorized, most recently in 2014.

Melinda Woods, Program Director